Safe Harbour Staff and our Board of Directors


Duncan Shaw 

Chief Executive Officer

Duncan has a BA in Sociology and HRM, a Cert In Psychodynamic Practice and Specialist Diploma in CBT. 

"I have worked for 26 years in the care sector, across a range of diverse settings such as Child Protection, Mental Health & Palliative Care, homelessness and dementia."

Board of Directors

Dr Craig Speirs

Chair of Board of Directors

Dr Speirs worked as a GP within Inverclyde for over forty years. He has a vast amount of experience in the healthcare field and a strong knowledge of the psychological needs of our community. 

Wendy McCallion

Company Treasurer

Wendy works as a Hospitality lecturer at West College Scotland and also works part time at The Tontine Hotel. She regularly volunteers her time at the service assisting with the organisation's finances.

Peter Beaton

Company Secretary

Peter works for the DWP and brings a range of practical and social skills to the Board. He has an education background in Politics and Sociology and is a strong advocate for social justice. 

Therese Galli


Therese is one of our longest serving Board members. She has been involved in community activism for over fifty years and is well known throughout the Inverclyde area. Therese volunteers on a number of other Boards throughout Inverclyde.