What We Do

Safe Harbour is a new and innovative emotional support service aimed at improving emotional wellbeing. The programme is a bespoke, non-clinical alternative talking therapy, focused on the person and not their clinical condition. 

The service offered is individual to the needs of the person, usually lasting for around twelve weeks followed by a three month follow up. Those accessing our service will receive one to one appointments and may also want to take part in Walk and Talk sessions or HeartMath as detailed below.

One to One Appointments

Safe Harbour is a simple but very effective Emotional Support Programme, aimed at improving emotional wellbeing. We support people to work through the difficult issues that are affecting their lives and the detrimental effect that this may be having on families. 

Our aim is to help people to develop appropriate solutions, together with the support of our trained Emotional Support Workers, which will nurture and improve emotional resilience. We have found that this can have a positive benefit, both in the short term and the long term.

The essence of our support is based on building a trusting relationship and forming a positive attachment, which is aimed at getting to know our clients as people.

Walk and Talk 

Walk and Talk sessions have proved a very effective way of reducing not just Stress and Anxiety, but improving a range of other issues that impact on people's lives. The walks have also resulted in reduced social isolation, increased motivation, improved social confidence and encouraged better community involvement.

The majority of people - once engaged with the Safe Harbour Programme - participate in our walk and talk sessions. Depending on physical and mental health issues, these can be short or long in duration. The walks are client-led with routes agreed and planned together to best meet the needs of the clients.


HeartMath helps greatly with reducing stress and anxiety. It is a scientifically researched Bio Feedback system, developed in the USA, that is used alongside our one to one support sessions. HeartMath is an NHS approved Stress Management Programme which is being used in some hospitals in Scotland to reduce staff stress and anxiety levels.

The Safe Harbour team felt that Heart Math could be used in Inverclyde - a community setting - in harmony with our program. It has proven to be very effective in reducing people's stress and anxiety levels. It allows people to see their levels on a computer screen, through a sensor attached to their ear lobe. This allows us to help people self manage stress through a range of techniques we can teach them. HeartMath has has proven to be highly successful in many of the people we have helped.

Themed Groups

Following the successful pilot of our women's inspirational talk group, we hope to run a number of other groups in future based on key themes such as self harm and eating disorders.  

These groups will be run in partnership with other organisations and individuals with specialised knowledge of specific issues. 

More information about our themed groups, such as when certain groups are going to run, will be released as soon as details have been confirmed.